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About The Artist

Hip-hop artist and songwriter Cameron Sean is a breath of fresh air to the music scene with lyrics saturated in grippingly raw and wholehearted, genuine perspective for which the genre is known. At 18 years old, he had topped national charts, taking over the #1 spot on college radio stations across the country with “Prada Frames” and capturing the attention of industry heavy hitters.

Now in his twenties, his ever-expanding hit list includes collaborations with Grammy-nominated jazz musician Richie Goods and multi-talented Taiwanese composer/contemporary percussionist Chien Chien Lu. After reading about an elderly Asian woman fatally pushed onto the subway tracks in Times Square, thoughts of his grandmother led to anger, fear … and a strong desire to get involved. Penning the unforgettable verses of “Please Don’t Hate,” he became a strong advocate for #StopAsianHate.

Raised in a bi-racial home in Westchester, NY, Cameron faced challenges, including a fractured back at 13, which ended his dream of a future in collegiate sports. However, this setback fueled his passion for music, transforming it from a casual hobby into a life-saving outlet for his pain, heartbreaks, and triumphs.

The setback, however, catalyzed his movement toward music, transforming a casual hobby into a life-saving outlet for his pain, heartbreaks, and triumphs. After years of honing his craft, Cameron Sean’s current creative process involves a mix of freestyle flow and courageous self-exploration. Inspired by his father and influenced by generational greats like Drake, Eminem, and Lil’ Wayne. Through wisdom beyond his years gives rise to powerful lyrics that vibe with listeners on a gut level: Every LI took was a lesson; what you love could be gone in a second.

From day one, Cameron Sean’s mission has been to inspire fans with a clear,consistent message of unbreakable hope. A quintessential voice of his era, he is living proof that determination and diligence can lead to the fulfillment of big dreams. “Your life can always improve, no matter the circumstances, as long as you never give up.” Find your passion. Pursue what brings you joy. These are the resounding sentiments behind his smash-hit “Prada Frames” and a key takeaway from his meteoric rise to the top – which has only just begun. He is the musical headliner for the Ant Jones “Why You Mad Yo?” Comedy show, which will air on UBC Tv’s. Cameron looks forward to hitting the road for a soon-to-be televised nationwide tour and performing his new songs that he’s been grinding away in the studio to push out. “Crazy,” his latest track, is now streaming on radio stations globally and hot on the hip-hop club circuit.

Presently, Cameron is working with Amen-Ra aka “Bam Bam” Valentine industry choreographer, who has choreographed with such recording artists as Mary J. Blige, Salt-N-Pepa, Jay-Z, Missy Elliot, just to name a few. Cameron is also working with Craig Derry he’s a vocalist, vocal coach, and producer. Coached Katy Perry, Alicia Keys, SWV, Tamar Braxton, to name a few. His management team, led by Kalvin Stevens, the talent director for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Additionally, he holds the title of Talent Coordinator for the New York, 116th St Festival. He has worked with artists such as B5, Kiki Palmer, Raven Simon, Queen Latifah, Nick Jonas, and Kelly Rowland.